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New for You, Used by Me
(Nytt for Deg, Brukt av Meg

The Concept – Clothes Rack Rental

Clothes Rack Rental sells your used clothing while giving your customers the traditional shopping experience.  It creates a mini pop-up shop where a private person can sell their used clothing, except baby clothes, without the stress of setting up a stall at a market or selling online.

It also eliminates uncertainties by allowing customers to try on pieces and ensure the perfect fit.

This approach also provides a local touch, building a sense of community and support.  Renting a clothes rack brings your clothing collection to life, showcasing its uniqueness in a way that digital screens or market stalls simply can't replicate.

How it works – the short version

You rent a clothing rack for 3 weeks, fill it with your clothing, and customers buy it.  There is no commission on your sales, so you get to keep the money you earned.

Klespleie will assist with keeping your clothing rack tidy.

You collect whatever clothes that are remaining at the end of your rental period.

Now the boring bit -
Terms and Conditions for Clothes Rack Rental
NORSK Versjon
Please NOTE - This service is still under development. Terms and Conditions are subject to Change. 

Terms and Conditions

Klespleie, owned by Pretorius Consulting 825894292 (hereinafter Klespleie), acts as an intermediary for private individuals to resell their clothes and accessories. The private person (hereinafter the Seller) is the one who rents clothing racks and sells their clothing.  Any sales made by the Seller to a buyer is considered to be a sale between two private people.

To rent a clothing rack and sell clothes, the Seller must be over 18 years of age. Klespleie does not offer clothing rack rental to businesses.


For rental of clothing rack, basket, hanger and includes labels

3 WEEKS                          700 NOK

Due to high demand, no Seller can book more than 3 weeks. A new reservation cannot be placed until a period of 14 days has passed. Klespleie is working on expanding the number of clothing racks and rental period.

Other services the Seller can order

Window display                                         100 NOK

Seller may place maximum 4 items in the window for display.


Set up the clothing rack                          350 NOK

Includes: Price tag work, filling in and putting on clothes. Hang up your clothes, max. 30 pieces.


Take down the clothing rack                 300 NOK

Includes: Removing all price tags, packing your clothes so they're ready for pickup.


Collection and Delivery of Clothing    200 NOK

Klespleie will arrange delivery of your clothing from and to your registered address.     


Additional price tags                                15 NOK for pack of 20 price tags



Seller has not collected their clothing              50 NOK per day

Maximum 7 days from when the rental period has ended.


Reservation of the clothing rack

The clothing rack is reserved on our website or in the shop, payment of the clothing rack and other services takes place only in the shop.

The Seller may rent for a maximum of 3 weeks at a time.  The Seller must have at least 2 weeks between each reservation. 


Commencement of rental period

The rental period is for 3 weeks for the day you deliver and set up your clothing rack. 

This is because the store is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The same applies when the start of the rental is the day after a public holiday.


It is important to note that if the Seller has not come to the store to set up their clothing rack before 11:00 AM on the rental start date, Dress Care reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement and the Seller will be billed for one (1) week rental. If the Seller knows that they are arriving later than 11:00 am or are prevented, the Seller must contact us in advance by email at least 48 hours before to arrange a new time of arrival.

If the Seller does not show up or give notice, Klespleie reserves the right to rent out the clothing rack to someone else.

Clothing rack layout

Klespleie will supply 1 clothing rack 60 cm width, 30 hangers, 30 price tags and a basket as part of the rent.


If you need access to a steamer, please let us know when making a reservation.


Klespleie staff will be available to assist in the store when the Seller sets up the clothing rack.

It is permitted to have up to 30 items of clothing hanging on the clothing rack at all times. If the clothing is heavy, the number of items of clothing is reduced. This is to ensure a neat and tidy area so that customers can easily browse through the products.

The Seller has the option to order Set Up Clothing rack services from Klespleie.

The Seller is more than welcome to bring in several garments to fill up the clothing rack during the entire rental period.

Changes in rental period

Sellers can change the rental period up to 15 days before the start date. Send us an email on  with your full name, clothing rack number, order number and any changes the Seller wishes to make.

It is not possible to make changes if there are less than 15 days until the start of the rental period.

Cancellation, refund & returns

Refunds for clothing rack rentals are only possible if the cancellation is made at least 15 days before the first day of the rental period. If there are less than 15 days left until the start of the rental period, regardless of when the booking was made, no refund will be issued. To cancel the clothing rack rental, the Seller must send an email to

Klespleie only serves as a platform for Sellers to resell their clothing. All sales transactions of the Seller's goods are solely between the Seller and its buyer.  Klespleie does not accept returns or refunds of the Seller's goods.  

During the rental period

Security, theft and authenticity

Klespleie is concerned with safety. The store is equipped with video surveillance on the premises.

Klespleie shall be indemnified for theft, damage, or lost items while Sellers products are in the store.

Klespleie is not liable for fire or water damage. The Seller shall provide their own insurance on all goods they sell at Klespleie.

The Seller is fully responsible for the authenticity of the goods.

Rules related to the Clothing Rack Usage

  • It is not permitted to make physical changes to the clothing rack being rented.

  • It is only possible to sell products that fit into the clothing rack.

  • The maximum number of products allowed in each clothing rack at any one time is 30 hanging.

  • Items that lack a price or tag will not be sold.

Klespleie staff clean up the clothing rack during the day to make sure the clothing rack and store look presentable. We also make sure that products are put back to the correct condition at the end of the day if they are misplaced. 

Products that Sellers are allowed to sell in the Store are: Clothing for children, adolescents, and adults, accessory belts, bags, and shoes. 

Children's clothing has strict requirements when it comes to what can be sold. The Seller must ensure that the washing instructions and material label are attached and legible.

Feel free to contact Klespleie if the Seller is unsure of what the Seller can sell.

You may not sell stolen, illegal, counterfeit or harmful products, underwear, socks, alcohol, food, weapons, fireworks, pornography, furniture, building materials, tools, used cosmetics or other products that staff deem inappropriate.

Klespleie reserves the right to remove products that are not within our store guidelines.

The Seller is obliged to have unlimited title and full ownership of the products they are selling.

If there is suspicion of sale of stolen goods, this will be reported to the police.

The goods sold at Klespleie must be of a good clothing standard and newly washed / cleaned. Products that have holes, stains, smoke smells, other nuisance odors or are damaged are not allowed and will be removed from the clothing rack.  It is nevertheless important that goods with defects or deficiencies are clearly marked as being deficient. The buyer is to be informed of this (cf. the Sale of Goods Act). If you need guidance, talk to the Klespleie staff.

Klespleie’s Selection

Klespleie has its own clothing rack in the store where we hang up our favorites (hereinafter Favorites of the Day) from the various clothing racks.

Klespleie reserves the right to move garments back and forth from the Seller's clothing rack over to the "Favorites of the Day" clothing rack.

Price changes

Sellers can change the price of their products during the rental period.

If the Seller wishes to print new price labels, the Seller must come to the store. It costs 15kr.

Extending the lease period

It is quite possible to extend the rental period if there is space available. Extended rental period is considered as a new booking.  To do this, send an email to  please provide  your name, current clothing rack number and request that all unsold products be moved from your old order to the new one.

End of rental period

Empty the clothing rack

On the last day of the rental period the Seller must take down all unsold products from the clothing rack from 16:00.


If the clothes are not picked up before 11:00 the day after the rental period, Klespleie will charge 50 NOK in storage fee per day for a maximum of 7 days.

If the clothes are not picked up within 7 (seven) days after the end of the rental period, Klespleie will take over ownership of the clothes. Any fees will be invoiced.



Klespleie has its own facebook page, instagram and website. Klespleie will do it's best to promote the Seller's goods in these channels. You also have a responsibility to market your clothing rack on social media.


Dispute resolution

The Seller has full responsibility for their own dispute resolution.  The Seller's customers are informed that all sales regarding the Seller and the Customer are private and not through Klespleie.

Klespleie and the Seller should always try to solve the problems that arise between them.  If the parties do not agree, they shall send a notice, in writing, to the other party.  Disputes shall be resolved through mediation in Arendal under Norwegian law.


Klespleie understands and respects the importance of online privacy. Klespleie will not disclose customer/user information to a third party unless it is necessary to complete a transaction. Klespleie will not sell personal data to any third party without your prior permission.

Privacy Policy can be found here.

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