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Good clothing maintenance and environmentally friendly choices will give your favorite clothes a long-lasting wearable life.

About UsKlespleie opened in July 2021 at the height of summer in Arendal, Norway. With our little green trolly and first employee, we walked around the boat docks to help over 100 boating tourists with their laundry. As the season closed, requests for mending, alterations, and re-design increased. As a result, we now have mending work with a continuous backlog.

Our mission is to repair the clothing you own, use bio-based or recyclable textiles and notions as much as possible, and to source as many materials as possible from our local and regional producers.

Our goal is to minimize the textile impact on our planet. Klespleie can achieve this by providing reliable information to our customers, using bio-degradable products, and actively engaging with our local community.

Our vision is to reach a carbon-neutral, zero-waste local textile alternative. Using local fiber producers, mills, designers, artisans, and architects makes it possible to return to the grassroots of local and regional textiles.

Klespleie has adopted the "Soil-to-Soil" philosophy of Fibershed and is working closely with Nordenfjeldske Fibershed.

But it's not all about sewing. Klespleie also offers environmentally and skin-friendly methods for keeping your clothes and textiles clean. Whether it's through catching plastic microfibers or finding a laundry detergent that suits your garments needs, we can help. 

Do you need an alternative to dry cleaning? Wet washing is also available for some clothing.


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